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I didn't initially intend to start a drop shipping business and the journey has been interesting and informative. My passion in life is writing, and I do a lot of freelance work. My insatiable appetite for Twin Peaks, the Pacific Northwest, and items with owls is a personal hobby (obsession or addiction as some would say). Ask anyone close to me and they know I have collections, and I'll eventually share them here. 

It Started With a Question

So when I was looking for something different to add to my collection (which really means I'm buying 2, one for my BFF too), I just wasn't happy with the options. Too expensive, lack of stock, or crazy shipping rates. I started asking why, which started a research project and tons of reading. It led me to finding the concept of drop shipping, and companies that allow regular business owners to build their own platform with products 'hand' selected from third-party providers or their own products. 

A Drive Fueled by Passion

Shortly after the original release of Twin Peaks in 1990 my fervent interest in owls sprung to life. For 30 years I would struggle to find something fun, unique, or owl themed (along with Twin Peaks and PNW themed items). Out of my curiosity, I signed up for a trial 'store' and started looking at available items from suppliers. I found that some higher priced items are simply higher priced but not AS high as what I've seen on the most popular platforms. This only fueled a drive to try something new and take a chance at running an online store. 


Blue Owl Shop Mission

Our mission it to provide a mixture of unique and popular items at competitive prices. 

I invite you to contact us with any special requests, and we will do our best to offer great prices for the items you are seeking. 

Thank you for visiting our site!


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