Book Review: Four Owl Books for Kids

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In searching for books with owls, there are a number of non-fiction and fiction books to peruse. Here are some I found geared towards kids that I'll be adding to my personal bookshelf: 

Little Owl's Night
By Divya Srinivasan

As little owl wakes up for nighttime, his forest friends are getting ready for bed. While his momma starts to describe all about daytime right as night turns to dawn. Well, for little owl this is like a goodnight story. For ages 1-4.

NOTE: Divya Srinivasan has several Little Owl books, including:


Oliver the Curious Owl
By Chad Otis

Cute and curious Oliver is always hearing Who? Who? Who? from his family. Beyond who... Oliver starts asking more and his adventure with his buggy little friend leads to discovery and adventure. For ages 4-8.

So You Want to Be an Owl: Everything there is to know about owls!
Written by Jane Porter, Illustrated by Maddie Frost

Join Professor Olaf's class all about owls, learn the Owl Code, and everything you must be able to do to join the rank of Owl. It's a fun, storybook way to learn about owls without reading the encyclopedia, yet includes an index. The modern-cartoon drawings are a hoot. For ages 6-8.


Weird, Wild, Amazing! Sky
Written by Tim Flannery, Illustrated by Sam Caldwell

Well, not just owls, but birds and bugs, too! This is geared for fact-finding kids who like a to read bits at a time. Each page is colorfully illustrated complimented by easy-to-read info-bites and longer passages. Includes a formal introduction from the author, a table of contents, glossary, and index. For ages 9-12, but fun to read as an adult too.

NOTE: Tim Flannery's book is part of the Weird, Wild Amazing! Series, also available are: 


    Do you have a favorite owl book? I'd love to hear what you think, so be sure to send me a message. 


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