My, How Time Flies!

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I'm a bit embarrassed at my lack of blogs. It's been 9 months since the Great Horned Owl blog. There are no excuses. I've been busy with life, working my regular job and getting Blue Owl Shop going. 

Like many others changing careers during the 'great resignation,' I began questioning if where I am is the right place. Was I happy? Did I really enjoy the work I am doing? If I could have any job, what would I do? Not quite a mid-life crisis by any means, but a reality check. Did I want to go fully into debt to start a brick and mortar store? Did I need to shut down Blue Owl Shop and focus on my job? Did I need to follow my degree? So many questions, a lot of thinking, reading, researching, and the like. 

I knew whatever I decided, something needed to change.  As months passed, it became more apparent I was going to regret never following my heart and being a librarian. Wait, what? Yes, you read it right. A librarian. 

I have accepted a position at Spokane County Library District as a Business and Career Development librarian. This suits my varied knowledge in business and human resources along with my degree in library and information science. I start the position within the week and am beyond excited to get back to where my heart longs to be. Time will tell, though I've never been as grounded as I feel right now. 

So what does this mean for Blue Owl Shop? 

Blue Owl Shop will continue as an online-only shop for now. A transition focusing more on owl-themed items and the Pacific Northwest specialty items will occur. This will be an ongoing project and will include many markdowns of non-owl and non-PNW items over the next few months. Keep checking back or be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for special discounts, new item highlights, and regular blog posts. 


Is there something you'd like to see offered at Blue Owl Shop? Email, we'd love to hear from you.

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