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Posted by Amanda Carpentier on

Searching for information, stories, or something to follow online about owls? Quality sites can be difficult to find, and many exist. Here are two of my favorite finds:

  • Website: https://www.owlresearchinstitute.org/species-id-guide - As a non-profit site, this is modern, easy to navigate, and I give my highest recommendation to this site. Just browse around or search for a specific owl species and you'll find an encyclopedia-level entry with gorgeous photos, recorded hooting and sounds, maps, and nest box plans.  

  • Blog/Articles: https://abcbirds.org/?s=owls - While the site is all about 'all birds,' there is a variety of articles focused on owls. For example, read Amazing Facts About Owl Eyes at https://abcbirds.org/blog/owl-eyes/ providing additional information beyond any encyclopedia entry along with vivid photos. 

What are your favorite, go-to sites for owls? I'd love to hear about them, make a comment or send an email to info@blueowlshop.com.

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