The Great PNW: A Weekend at Riverside State Park, Bowl & Pitcher, Part I

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An early birthday present from my dear partner turned out to be a weekend I didn't know I needed. Two nights in a cabin at Riverside State Park near Bowl & Pitcher. We packed up the car with necessities and drove the mere 10 minutes (literally, 10 minutes) to get to the cabin. 

He drove according to the signs pointing towards the two lonely cabins on a hill above the RV section of the grounds. One called Spruce, and ours, named Tamarack. A very simple cabin, noticeably clean smelling, and regrettably, the one photo to turn out too poor to post. Next time, perhaps.

I digress... 

It didn't seem real. The feeling of "the middle of nowhere" only a few miles from home. We settled in nicely, soaking in the quiet, breathing in the clean air. Too early for dinner, we decided to take a stroll through the grounds and toward the the suspension bridge on the Spokane River.

Walking from the cabin included one small hill, through the parking areas, down past the tent-camping area, and down a path. The roaring of the Spokane River was soul-cleansing. We stood on the bank taking a few pics, watching a few people, and absorbing the cool, fresh air. 

Spokane River at the Suspension Bridge

The suspension bridge itself was originally built in 1941 and modernized in 1997. After several small groups went across, we decided to take a gander. The first few steps on the bridge are no different than any pedestrian bridge. Then you start to notice a slight sway. As we tentatively walked part-way across the bridge, we stopped midway to enjoy the scenery and lost ourselves for a few minutes.  

We slowly walked back toward the cabin, seemingly exhaling all of the past week out with each step, and soon to dream of the next day's adventure.

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