The Great PNW: A Weekend at Riverside State Park, Bowl & Pitcher, Part II

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The quiet darkness did wonders for a good night's rest. Waking up at 7am never comes easy for me, it never has. I have and always will be a night-owl; however, I woke up ready for the day around 6am! Yes, quite early. Extremely early for me. The new morning was a bit chilly, so I threw on a sweatshirt and jacket, made a fresh cup of coffee and enjoyed the view of the river. 

As I exited the cabin, I heard a scurry right in front of me. When I looked, I saw the tail of a marmot disappear down into his hole in the ground near a large rock. As I sipped on the hot, hot coffee, I noticed several birds flitting around. I must have been quiet, because Mr. Marmot came up out of the hole (you can kind of see his head peaking out of his hole in the photo on the right) and perched himself on top of the rock where he could bathe in the sunlight. This made me smile, as I too was enjoying the heat of the sun breaking through the cold, damp air. 

Blue sky above a group of trees.    Mr. Marmot peeking out of his hole near a large rock.

Enjoying the trees, blue sky, and birds, I saw motion in the corner of my eye... up on the hillside. When I stared, at first, I couldn't see anything. Just trees and underbrush. Then a movement. I stared intently and realized there were several deer standing nearly motionless. After a few seconds, the deer in front started moving, walking gingerly. I would have taken photos, but I've misplaced my little camera lenses for my phone. The others followed, about five or six, then a couple of slackers followed along well after the others had moved beyond sight. There is something special about watching animals in their natural environment going on about their day. Almost like being let in on a secret. 

I finished my last sip of coffee and quietly went back inside, Mr. Marmot seemingly asleep on top of the rock or just ignoring my presence, still enjoying his soak in the sun. The morning had just begun and it was time to get ready for a hike, a simple breakfast, some coffee and water was in short order. More to come, sooner than later... 

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